So, what's Video Traveling?

It really says it all doesn't it? Video Traveling is the ability to travel around the world, stare at magnificent landscapes, experience vibrant cities and visit some of the most exceptional hotels in the planet - all this without actually going. It is also a great research tool for your next holidays. Put to use your pair of eyes and ears, sit tight and get ready to be amazed.


Why do it?

Mainly for 3 reasons:

Reason 1: Until now, there wasn't a high-quality travel video platform on the internet. We are fully committed to bring you only exceptional videos that will inspire your travels.

Reason 2: Naturally, we think you should travel (in the traditional sense) as much as you possible can - it's without a doubt one of the most personal enriching activities. Pick the destination to which you're planning to travel and have a look at our selection of videos - these will inspire you and might give you great insights on where to go, what places to visit and where to stay. 

Reason 3: Why not? We love beautiful things and all you'll find on this site is aligned with that philosophy. Sharing the beauty, that's all.


You should add more destinations...

Oh yes, we should and will be adding more destinations. We want to be only about exceptional videos shot on exceptional places. That is why we rather take it a bit slower, only adding videos when we feel they'll generate an emotional impact on you. We don't settle for less.

By the way, we should also be adding in a near future video suggestions based on different categories. Stay tuned.